Online Casinos For Canadian Residents is here to help everyone find the best online casino they can, and that includes our Canadian visitors. In Canada, online gaming opportunities are tied closely to the online gambling market in America making it hard to find online casinos that accept Canadian players. America’s proximity and close relationship with Canada means that online gaming providers tend to think of the two markets as one unit: North America. Unfortunately for Canadian online casino gamblers, changes to the American casino market have adversely affected the world of online casino gaming in Canada.

The problem with casino gambling in America is a murky set of laws and other legislation that are designed to make it difficult for Americans to place bets at online gaming sites. Further complicating the issue are state laws that prohibit some Americans from playing online casino games at all. The reason that Canadian online gambling customers are running out of Canadian-facing casinos is the uncertain American gambling market.

It isn’t as hard to find Canadian online casinos as it is to find one that accepts wagers from the USA, but Canadians who want access to online casino and poker sites shouldn’t ignore the impact of changes in American law on their own ability to play casino games. In 2006, when an American law was passed attempting to make transfers to online casino sites impossible, many casinos responded by pulling out of the American market entirely. Some of these providers saw Canada as vulnerable to the same sorts of legal challenges they were facing in the USA, so they pulled out of the Canadian market as well.

The Future of Online Casinos That Take Canadians

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As of this writing, there is no law in Canada prohibiting online casino gambling. However, rumors of a nationwide crackdown against online gambling have led to certain entities preparing for the worst. VISA no longer allows Canadians to transfer funds to online casinos using their products, and some software developers disallow Canadian players from their sites, namely Vegas Technology and Rival Gaming. All that said, it isn’t hard to find an online casino that will accept Canadian wagers. The trick is to find a casino site that features games you like, allows bets from Canada, and accepts deposits using a method you’re comfortable with. Remember that Canadians don’t have the same range of deposit methods as players from the UK or Europe, but Canadians do have it a little easier than Americans in terms of your choice of deposit method.

Best Online Casinos that Accept Canadians

There has been alot going on in the online gambling industry in Canada, and online casinos have taken a hit. The only bad thing that has happened is that a few software companies have pulled out of the Canadian market. However, them casinos were at the bottom of the pile anyways, and there is still plenty of Canadian online casinos to choose from. Below we give you 2 short reviews of our favorite ones, and then below them we list all online casinos for Canadian residents.

Bovada Casino

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Bovada Casino is the North American-facing arm of Bodog. Bodog pulled out of North America (read: the US and Canada) in 2006, when it looked like the United States was preparing to outlaw online gambling altogether. A lot has changed since then, including rumors about American online gaming legalization and regulation, so Bodog created Bovada. If you’re familiar with Bodog, you’ll recognize Bovada straight away: 24/7 customer support including live chat, a full lineup of casino table games, slot and video poker machines, and poker games, and deposits and bonuses competitive with the best online casinos in the world. Bovada was designed with Canada and the US in mind, and there are few online casinos that can compete with Bovada in terms of providing top-quality service to Canadian gamblers.

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