Casino Deposit Options For US Players

Casino deposit methods for US players are complicated, thanks to anti-gambling legislation that prevents Americans from simply using their bank accounts, debit cards, or credit cards to add funds to their online casino cashier accounts. The best deposit methods for American residents were once things like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express - the easy and familiar ways of paying merchants that Americans use every day.

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Right now, though Americans have access to some Internet casinos, they have a hard time adding money to their online bankroll. USA casino deposits have been one of the many topics discussed amongst lawmakers in the United States. Anti-gambling legislators, in an attempt to stop all online betting, passed laws in the mid-2000s that prevent banks from doing business with known Internet casinos. While the purpose of these laws was to stop all online betting altogether, all it really did was make it difficult for Americans to make deposits—USA players can still legally join casinos, they just have trouble finding a dependable deposit method.

If you want to learn how to make gambling deposits in the United States, all you have to do is spend a little time researching what other online gamblers have done in the past, read reviews of Internet payment transfer methods, and talk to third party payment processors themselves to find out what options you have in terms of funding your bankroll.

Best Casino Deposit Methods For U.S. Residents

#1 Credit Cards (VISA/Mastercard/American Express)

There is a common misconception that credit cards will not work for USA players... this is not always true. Of the casino deposit methods for US players, we can say that it is not always the most reliable. From time to time credit card transactions with U.S. bank backed accounts will fail however it is likely that it will only be temporary. Frequently, casinos that accept U.S. players move from one payment processor to the next and with that transition, new processors for gambling transactions are not flagged and transactions go right through. This is a common occurrence wherever you decide to play, but it is one that benefits American players wanting to use credit cards.

#2 Bitcoin

One of the best casino deposit methods for US players is bitcoin. Bitcoin is the digital currency that has become widely accepted at online gaming sites and thousands of merchants all over the world. When you make USA casino deposits with bitcoin, your transaction is guaranteed to go through. There are no federal laws or a central bank to decline your transaction or hold your funds. Bitcoin deposits are extremely fast, with your funds arriving almost instantly to your account. Bitcoin is the only casino deposit method for USA players that is 100% reliable, secure, and relatively anonymous. You only need to send funds from your bitcoin wallet to the BTC address provided by the online casino cashier. No bank account or credit card information is needed.

#3 Prepaid Cards

For many Americans, the only way they have of adding money to their Internet casino account is through the use of prepaid cards. That's because prepaid card casino deposits aren't always tied directly to an American address or bank account and are thus immune to the laws that stipulate that banks can't do business with known online casinos. It is one of the only casino deposit methods for US players that carries this trait. Prepaid cards can be purchased online or in-person at numerous retailers. The online casino will often specify the best prepaid cards for USA casino deposits, with the majority accepting Visa branded cards. These are great because you can purchase these cards with cash or credit and then instantly deposit funds into U.S. casinos.

#4 Wire Transfers

Some Americans have success using wire transfer services to add cash to their online casino bankroll. You may also see these USA casino deposits called “person to person” transfers at some online casinos. These are 100% guaranteed to work as long as you follow the instructions provided by the cashier. You can go to hundreds of different retailers in thousands of different locations, or you can complete the transaction online to make the transfer. Common wire transfer services are MoneyGram, Western Union, and Ria. Using wire transfer gives U.S. players the ability to make casino deposits with cash essentially leaving no trail.

Other American Casino Deposit Options

Best American Online Casinos With Easy Deposits

We promise to stay up-to-date on the latest on USA deposit methods for online casinos. We make exclusive deals with Internet casinos that allow us to make special bonus offers and payment transfer discounts, unlike other static sites that have the same outdated information they posted ten years ago. Check this page frequently for updates on the casino deposit methods for US players and the best casinos that you should use.

Bovada Casino

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We recommend Bovada for American gamblers who want to find a casino that allows them to make easy deposits. Bovada is the North American-facing version of popular gaming site Bodog, and carries with it that company's reputation for fair business dealings and willingness to work with many different payment transfer methods.

Bovada accepts VISA, Bitcoin & Wire Transfers / 100% to $500 First Deposit

Cafe Casino

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Cafe Casino accepts casino players from all over the USA, with the exception of DE, MD, NJ, and NV. Café Casino caters toward American players and that is why they only allow the most secure casino deposit methods for US players. The USA casino deposit methods accepted at Café Casino are bitcoin and credit card. The credit card options include Visa and MasterCard, with the deposit limits ranging from $20 to $1,000. With Bitcoin, you can deposit as little as $20 or as much as $5,000.

Café Casino has table games, slots, and progressive jackpots. The site also has tons of bonuses to increase your bankroll and overall fun. With the No-Max Welcome Bonus, the online casino will match your deposit by 100% for up to $1,000 in bonuses. What’s even better is that the bonus is cashable! Just use code CAFE100 while making your deposit and meet the 25x playthrough requirement. You will also receive a $10 free chip just for signing up at

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Frequently Asked Questions About American Gambling Deposits

Yes, it is possible to add cash to your player account. While certain USA casino deposits are more reliable than others, there are plenty of options to choose from. Digital currencies like bitcoin have made it easier than ever for Americans to fund their online casino accounts. Credit card deposits have much higher success rates than in the past, and methods like checks are still a go-to option.

If you trust the company you're dealing with and they have experience in the online casino industry, it is perfectly safe to add cash to your bankroll. If you don't know enough about a particular transfer method, you probably shouldn't risk it.

Gamblers aren't the ones who can get in trouble for using illegal methods of funding Internet gaming accounts—it is up to the banks themselves to follow laws included in the UIGEA that restrict certain funds transfers.

As more and more American states look to regulate online gaming, it is possible to imagine a future where funding your online gaming account is as easy as making any online purchase, using debit cards, eChecks, credit cards, or even directly funding your account at a kiosk at the local mall. There are already states like Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey that offer internet casino gambling options to their residents. In the coming years, we expect for more states to offer online casino gaming options which may remove some of the current banking restrictions.