Online Casinos That Accept UnionPay

Ways to fund an online casino account play a very important role in the relationship that develops between the account holder and the betting site that they choose to be a part of. The online casino has a responsibility to provide as many deposit options as they can if they hope to attract players to sign up with them. The more funding options available, the likelihood of having at least one that appeals to a player, increases.

One such deposit method that is seen at online casinos is UnionPay. This type of deposit method is a prepaid card that can be purchased and then applied to online UnionPay casino accounts to fund and be played for money. Information on UnionPay casinos, what exactly UnionPay it is, how it can be used, and the best online casinos that take UnionPay, are all talked about below.

Using UnionPay To Deposit Into Online Casinos

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Let's talk about the process that a player would go through if they choose to go with UnionPay as their preferred method of deposit. It starts with the purchase of a UnionPay prepaid card, which can be done with a Visa or MasterCard. This can be done by talking with the cashier on site at an online casino.

Upon the purchase of that card, you will then be able to use that with a cashier at an online casino accepting UnionPay. From there, the process is very similar to that of a credit card deposit. So then why would a player choose this option over a credit card deposit if they already have one? Well, there are a couple of reasons for that. First, the credit card in your possession might not be accepted at an online casino. Furthermore, the advantage for players in the United States is that they can use a credit card that is pretty much guaranteed to go through with little or no problems, which leads into our next section.

Are U.S. Players Allowed To Use UnionPay For Online Casino Deposits?

UnionPay is a deposit method that players from the United States are able to use, and in actuality, it's a method that is quite practical. The problem with a typical credit card deposit has to do with the rate of acceptance at times with U.S. players. It's because online gambling transactions are sometimes denied by the banks behind the credit card, which would then lead to a U.S. player have to seek alternative measures.

The purchase of a UnionPay card would be a very logical and smart move for American players and it is one that the staff here at uses on the regular. This international prepaid card will be accepted and read as such, regardless of where the play using it is from. The funds from the card can then be transferred in the designated amount into that U.S. players account with the casino.

Best UnionPay Online Casinos

Players will be able to find that there are plenty of UnionPay casinos to make your deposits. It's becoming an increasingly popular way to deposit funds, and for good reason. It works like a credit card, making for swift and easy deposits. Check out one of our best online casinos that take UnionPay deposits below.

Lucky Red Casino

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The casino at Lucky Red has a bunch to offer their players who choose to create an account with them. From the perspective of U.S. players, not only are they accepted here, but it is also a legal online casino option. That's right, American players can legally play at one of the best online casinos that take UnionPay today.

Lucky Red offers a number of different depositing options for their players, one of which is a UnionPay deposit. Players can speak with the cashier on site to set up a deposit through a UnionPay card. Lucky Red accepts Visa and MasterCard deposits into accounts, which also spans into the purchase of a UnionPay card as well. Players should be aware of the deposit limits on UnionPay here, with a minimum of $10 required up to a maximum of $100, so it's relatively low compared to other methods. Upon the purchase of the card, the deposit can be made, and an instant transfer of funds fills the players account getting them prepared to play.

More than 120 great games await players who register for an account at Lucky Red. This includes many slots machines, and great table games like blackjack, roulette, craps and more. Lucky Red has some great features that are sure to please any type of online casino player.

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More About Using UnionPay To Deposit Into Casinos

UnionPay Transfer Limits

In comparison to some of the deposit limits that we see at online casinos, UnionPay Casinos have a very low bar set for this payment method. We mentioned Lucky Red specifically with a $100 maximum deposit. While not every casino accepting prepaid cards like UnionPay will necessarily have limits this low, do not expect them to be much higher.

Does UnionPay Work With Payouts & Withdrawals?

Unfortunately, players will have to seek out other methods to receive a payout if they deposit with a UnionPay card, as it is not a way to withdraw from an account. But the good news is that there are some great alternative payout options outside of UnionPay. One of the most common payout options are checks. Every online casino will have a check payout option, which would be a great option for a UnionPay depositor. They take anywhere from one to four weeks and have little fees and minimum withdrawal requirements in most cases. Online casinos where a money order is used as a payout option can also be a solid choice to go with as well. This money order is sent to the play just like a check.

Time It Takes For Union Pay Casino Deposits To Be Credited

If you are looking for an instant deposit transfer, UnionPay is one of the ones that are able to do this. The moment that the UnionPay deposit is accepted, those funds will be made available immediately for the player to begin wagering real money in the casino.

Fees For Using UnionPay

One of the nice things about UnionPay as a method to deposit is the absence of fees on active accounts. UnionPay is a great vehicle to use to fund an account, where a fee won't be charged. With that being said, there are ways in which players can see fees associated with UnionPay Casinos. A year where a player's UnionPay account isn't used will result in a $4.95 fee. A lost or stolen UnionPay card would result in a charge of that same amount as well.


The best thing about UnionPay concerns the American player and credit card deposits. Because a UnionPay card is international, it gives USA players the chance to deposit like a credit card, but without having to go through a Visa or MasterCard deposit where it's rejected. In fact, many online casinos might even accept UnionPay with this in mind. It's definitely something worth considering.

This method provides a reliable way for players at an online casino to fund their account. And actually the relatively low limits can be great for players who are looking to just throw in a bit of cash and see how they like playing at the site.